Half the screen on the laptop is displaying incorrectly (random colors)


My netbook was dropped and now half the screen is displaying incorrectly. Its basically a rainbow spectrum of random colors.

On the other side everything is working just fine. It doesn't appear that the screen is damaged though because all the pixels are displaying colors.

Does this sound like something that can be easily fixed or should I just toss it out?

I followed CharlieRB's advice, the picture is fine when connecting the netbook to my TV. So I took the laptop screen apart, disconnected and reconnected the cable. It didn't change anything. The right 2 thirds of the screen are still funky (its actually 2 thirds not a half). One very strange thing I did noticed is that sometimes when disconnecting from the TV when the laptop screen refreshes the 2 outer thirds start to work perfectly and the inner third becomes solid black. It stays this way until I reboot and then it goes back to the original problem.

Best Answer

What I would do is diagnose the problem a little more by connecting an external monitor to see if it displays correctly. If so, the LCD is damaged or a connection has come loose. If the image on the external display also has lines as you described, the video adapter is possibly unseated (if not part of the MB) or damaged.

In either case, it will likely need you (or a qualified tech) to disassemble the laptop and find the issue. Hopefully it is a loose connection or card. Otherwise, depending on how much you paid for it and how old it is compared to what it will cost to fix it will answer whether you should "just toss it".

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