Grep to find files that contain ^M (Windows carriage return)


I use Linux. There is a pesky ^M (Windows cariage return) somewhere hidden in thousands of configuration files, and I have to find it, because it makes the server fail.

How do I find ^M among a directories hierarchy full of configuration files?

I think I can not enter ^M on the bash command line. But I have it in a text file that I called m.txt

Best Answer

grep -r $'\r' *

Use -r for recursive search and $'' for c-style escape in Bash.

Moreover, if you are sure it's a text file, then it should be safe to run

tr -d $'\r' < filename

to remove all \r in a file.

If you are using GNU sed, -i will perform an in-place edit, so you won't need to write the file back:

sed $'s/\r//' -i filename
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