Google-chrome – Google “Feeling Lucky” url causing redirect notice


I've noticed the feeling lucky url (with btnI query parameter) is now resulting in a redirect notice page. What's the deal?

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Best Answer

Looks like they've introduced a csrf-like mechanism in the form of a query parameter (iflsig). I've tried copying the one generated from a traditional "Feeling Lucky" request into my search url:{keyword}&btnI&iflsig=AAP1E1EAAAAAXbODt-rzChgYf5wDoUWplGXrcvsZ0qOk

Which does work temporarily, but this token is ephemeral and invalidates after a few minutes, so it's not a real solution.

Not sure if anyone from Google has commented on this, but I'll circle back if I hear of any developments.

Update: My workaround is to just use DuckDuckGo instead.

E.g. for first result from Wikipedia:<search_term>

%5C (url-encoded backslash) is the redirect identifier here.

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