Google-chrome – How to make Google Chrome download FLV instead of stream it?


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How to download a video file in Google Chrome

When I open FLV file links in Chrome, it tries to stream it instead of prompting me to download. How do I make it so that when I view FLV links, I will be prompted to download? While streaming may be more convenient, I find that it's faster (for me) to just download it and play the physical .flv file locally.

I'm on a mac, snow leopard.

Best Answer

The problem isn't so much the actual downloading. It's the session handlers. So, just side step them.

Are you talking about getting videos off YouTube? Use the Chrome extension for downloading video from Youtube and saving as FLV.

There's also an extension for just downloading FLV video, but it's made for developers builds of Chrome.

And... here's a flash video downloader for Chrome... hosted on Cnet.

So, there are options. Not so much changing the behavior of Chrome, but more about changing your behavior... in what you do when you find a video you want to watch.