Google-chrome – How to fix “Chrome couldn’t load plugin” flash error


I've been trying numerous things over the course of a couple of months where this problem started, like :!topic/chrome/_AUhHQ-t-fE!topic/chrome/kU5XoT53ZTI!msg/chrome/SoNvK2S27IY/QCfZTl1MCgAJ

I also tried launching chrome as admin, added Everyone in pepperflash security options with full privileges. Nothing has worked so far. Flash simply refuses to play on many websites. I can't even load a pdf, it displays this message. I don't have suspicious plugins installed (like adblock etc). Is there a way to fix this? Thanks in advance.

Best Answer

Open Chrome and Go to "Advanced Settings" (Settings > Show Advanced Settings). Now click "Content Settings" button under Privacy section. In the end, go to Plugins section, click "Manage individual plugins" button and disable “Shockwave Flash 14.0 r0“.

I encountered the similar error and got rid of it by disabling this "Shockwave Flash 14.0" plugin. This happens when two different versions of Shockwave Flash works at the same time.

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