Google-chrome – Delete history from a specific computer


I use chrome at both work, home computers, phones etc… and didn't realize the history was being stored locally on the work computer. I've turned off the sync settings so it will no longer be syncing at work, but I'd like to make sure there are no local files containing my browser and search history on this machine, while keeping the browser and search history on all my other devices.

Is there a way to specifically delete browser and search history from one device?

Best Answer

  1. Go to Google Chrome settings (chrome://settings/)
  2. Click "Disconnect your Google Account..."
  3. Enable the option "Also clear your history, bookmarks, settings, and other Chrome data stored on this device"
  4. Re-connect your Google account as you did originally, but this time select only the types of personal data that you would like to have stored on your work computer.