Google-chrome – Chrome: any way to zoom a single page, not all pages in domain


I often use Chrome's Cmd+ and Cmd- (Ctrl+ and Ctrl- on Windows) to zoom in and out on a web page. However, the new zoom level affects every tab showing a page from the same domain. Sometimes this is handy, but other times it's a big problem. Right now, I want to zoom a page containing a video on one tab, while continuing to read text at a normal size in another tab. Is there any method for controlling zoom independently of other tabs? For now I'm stuck using another two browsers.

Best Answer

Just discovered that the issue linked by @Qtax in the comments above was marked "Wontfix" by the Chromium dev team a couple of years ago - they state that this behavior is by design, and they do not intent to provide per-page zoom. The extensions mentioned in other answers appear to be the only resolution for this issue.

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