Free software that will allow me to burn a .mov video directly to DVD


Is there an easy way for me to burn a .mov file to a video DVD without having to convert it? Either a free burning app that's capable or some kind of patch that will allow me to use Windows DVD Maker to burn it.

Currently I am converting them with Handbrake but I need to show my coworkers how to start doing this and having them convert the videos is not an option.

If there is no free way to do this, what is the cheapest option?

(anything that works on Vista or XP)

Best Answer

Regardless of the software you choose, the video will have to first be decoded from Quicktime and then encoded to .VOB format (which is just a fancy name for MPEG-2 encoded files that live on a DVD) - granted you may pick a software that does the process for you automagically. It is important to note, though, that the decoding/encoding process must still happen because they are fundamentally different codecs for completely different purposes, therefore it won't be an instantaneous process.

Also to note, your source is MOV therefore you will need to have QuickTime installed (assuming you haven't already done so) to even decode the videos, regardless of the software you choose in the end.

The next issue is that MPEG-2 codec is heavily patented, therefore it's very difficult to find free versions which support encoding or even decoding, which means either you find some sketchy software that has a hacked/pirated MPEG-2 encoder, or you pay for a software who pays royalties to license it.

The only software I've had 100% success rate with is Nero Vision, which AFAIK can burn any format you feed it to DVD (or ISO) with minimum of clicking. If it's unable to read your video, you probably need to install a codec to decode. Added bonus: If you're burning multiple videos to a disk for less technically savvy users, you can quickly design a menu system with background images, chapters, et al. with minimum of fuss.

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