Force Notepad++ To Uppercase Non-Selected Text

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In Notepad++, I have the UPPERCASE shortcut mapped to Ctrl+U in the shortcut mapper. However, this shortcut only works if text is selected. For example, let's say I have the text "dog" and I place my cursor left of the "d". If I press Ctrl+U, nothing happens. It's only when I select the "d" that the shortcut works. Is there any way to force Notepad++ to uppercase the "d" even though it's not selected?

Best Answer

This sounds like a good candidate for the Notepad++ macro feature.

Record the following steps (Macro menu → Start Recording):

  • Ctrl+Shift+
  • Edit menu → Convert Case To → UPPERCASE

Then stop recording (Macro menu → Stop Recording) and save the macro (Macro menu → Save Current Recorded Macro). You can then define some combination of Ctrl, Alt, Shift, and another key to run your macro whenever you want.