Firefox – Mozilla Firefox buttons disabled! Back, Forward, and Reload are greyed out


I was using Firefox 3.5 when this happened.

I tried the obvious workarounds: Upgrade to 3.6. Downgrade to 3.0. None worked.

I'm using Windows Vista 64-bit.

The only extensions installed are Lori, Roboform, Google Toolbar, Live HTTP Headers, Skype, and Yahoo Toolbar — all of which I have used for a very long time with no problems.

Best Answer

You may have a locked or damaged places.sqlite file. Beginning with Firefox 3, bookmarks and browsing history are stored in the places.sqlite file. If the file can't be updated with your browsing history, the browser has nothing to go forward or back to, hence the disabled buttons which look as if you just started the browser. Having the back and forward buttons disabled is a common symptom of a locked or damaged places.sqlite, so that's where I'd check first. See the MozillaZine article, Locked or damaged places.sqlite.

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