Firefox: how to put bookmarks back on bookmarks toolbar


I removed "Bookmarks Toolbar Items" (can be found in "View -> Toolbars -> Customize") from bookmarks toolbar. So it's empty now – no buttons, separators or any other toolbar objects. Before I removed the only item from the toolbar it was below adress toolbar and above tabs toolbar. Now it disappeared (it's checked though in "View->Toolbars").

I don't know how put the "Bookmarks Toolbar Items" back to the toolbar because it's empty and therefore hidden. I tried dragging the Bookmarks Toolbar Items into different spots between address bar and tabs toolbar, but it didn't work.

Any hints?

Best Answer

Have you tried resetting defaults in that same customize dialog (view -> toolbars -> customize)?

That should bring it back, although you'll need to tweak your toolbars again to the way you like.

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