Firefox – How to manage the Delicious bookmarks in Firefox 28 and later


I used to manage my bookmarks with the help of Delicious but recently I have encountered a problem. After a Firefox update, I noticed that my previous extension won't work anymore and when I checked the add-on developer's site I found out they will not support this add-on anymore.

How can I use Delicious bookmarking in Firefox? (to bookmark some site or find my previous bookmarked site with help of their tag).

Best Answer

I have finally had it with there being no replacement for the "really delicious" addon from the old days you speak of. Not only has the old addon that I have kept running finally gone to a state of too many bugs, after days of searching I didn't find anything close to what was offered by it before (on any browser!).

So I decided to take it upon myself to create something similar.
Here is my new project about it.
Currently only a toolbar tags-dropdown though, very soon a migration guide and later a sidebar.

I hope you are one of the fellows who remember the "good times" and I am not too late with all this. I fear most people might have given up earlier.