Firefox – How to Change Font Size of Items in Folder on Bookmarks Toolbar


Using Firefox v8.0.1 on OS X Lion v10.7.2

Is there a way to adjust the size of the font of the items that appear IN A FOLDER of the bookmarks toolbar?

I do NOT want to change the font size of the folders and items on the bookmarks toolbar, only those that appear within a folder.

I am sure there is some css code that I can put in userChrome or userContent but I have cannot figure out what it is. I tried the DOM inspector, but it does not work for the items in the folders of the bookmarks toolbar.

Best Answer

Using the DOM inspector to find the proper selectors, the following should work with userChrome.css:

.bookmark-item menupopup .menuitem-iconic {
    property: value !important;


Note: this also affects nested bookmarks.



To style subfolders:

.bookmark-item menu {
    property: value !important;