Firefox – How to automatically download pages I’ve surfed so I can view them while offline


I would like it if every single page that I ever view (not based on query string, only URL) would automatically be cached so that I could view them again if I am offline.

For example I have saved a lot of bookmarks for managing ESXi, however if I follow the bookmarks it reloads the page as expected.

How can I permanently and automatically save the resource so that if the original location removes the content I will still have the information on my system?

I do not want this to be cleared however if I delete all browser data.

Maybe there is a firefox plugin for this?

Best Answer

Hmm, looks like I may have already found what could work for this:

It may not be automatic, but I have already set it up so I can instantly save page copies to Dropbox by pressing the shortcut key. Sweet!

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