Windows – File and printer sharing option keeps disabling itself

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I'm using windows 7 home basic SP1 ,and I have couple of courses on my pc ,I wish to watch it on my iPad vlc media player

Earlier I had achieved this on an Android device ,where I had downloaded an app called "File servers pro" and started a "native dlna server" on it.

Later, On the streaming tab of iPad Vlc player, my Android device name appeared and I could browse and access video files stored on my Android device.

I wish to do the same with windows 7

Main question

Whenever I enable "File and printer sharing" option in "change advanced settings" , it keeps disabling itself, every time .

Note:As of now in the network tab of vlc in ipad and vlc in android device I'm able to see

user-PC: user:
i can see files in public librarires

Attempts to solve

  1. Check the following services are running


    ->Function Discovery Resource publication

    ->SSDP discovery
    as suggested here and here

  2. Tried disabling Kaspersky internet security and windows firewall completely

  3. Tried disabling only kaspersky internet security and enabling windows firewall with default setting as suggested here

  4. Tried enabling file sharing option in "Control Panel\System and Security\Windows Firewall\Allowed Programs"

  5. Tried method mentioned in accepted answer here- Force turn on file and printer sharing

Nothing seems to work, please help me out

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