Ffmpeg add audio but keep video length the same (not -shortest)


I'm adding audio to a video file using ffmpeg like so

ffmpeg -i videofile.mp4 -i audiofile.wav output.mp4

However this extends the output video file to be the length of the audio file if it is longer than the video. Using -shortest cuts the video file short if the audio file is shorter than the video. So is there a flag to tell ffmpeg to cut the keep the length of the output video to the length of the input video?

Best Answer

  • If video length is shorter than audio length, -shortest is what you want.
  • If video length is longer than audio length, no flag at all will be what you want.

There is no flag to automate this decision.


Inspired by @deadcode's answer, I need to make clear, that "no flag to automate" is of course not true, if you are willing to reencode: In this case go with apad as suggested by @deadcode.

If however you want to avoid reencoding (i.e. -c:v copy) the answer stands.

There is a workaround using the ffconcat demuxer, but it needs a bit of work:

  • create a file containing silence in exactly the same format as your audiofile ("silence.wav")
  • create a concat file "audio.ffconcat" (with as many silence lines as you need to make sure your audio is long enough):


file 'audiofile.wav'
file 'silence.wav'
file 'silence.wav'
file 'silence.wav'
  • run ffmpeg -i videofile.mp4 -f concat -i audio.ffconcat -c:v copy output.mp4

This will synthesize the apad filter without a filter graph, thus allowing a mux without reencoding.

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