Fan is accelerating too often


I have just applied thermal paste to my intel quadcore CPU and the fan seems to be accelerating very often, especially after I installed a new graphics card. I suspect my CPU may be overheating. There is supposed to be this "break-in" period for the thermal paste. I used artic silver 5 and it says that the break-in period is 200 hours. I don't quite understand. What am I supposed to do during this break-in period?

It seems like I just have to wait, but as far as I understand I can still use the computer. Also, does this mean that the fan accelerating so often is a symptom of this break-in period? or is something wrong?

Best Answer

You should use a thermal monitoring program to actually see what the temperature of your system components are rather than just guessing. Your motherboard manufacturer may supply one, or you can use something like Open Hardware Monitor if you're running under Windows.

If your CPU is running too hot, odds are you didn't remount the heatsink securely enough or you put too much thermal paste - this last one is a common mistake among newer system builders. Arctic Silver 5 does have a break-in period but you should not notice enough of a temperature difference to cause this kind of behavior except possibly in extreme overclocking situations (I'd say at most 5°C)

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