Extend USB 3.0 cable


I have a couple of new USB 3.0 devices which connect to my USB 3.0 ports via the new "Blue" USB 3.0 cables that end in what looks like a USB 2.0 Type A connector. Indeed, the USB 3.0 devices will also work in the USB 2.0 ports.

So, I have some USB 2.0 extender cables. While I obviously can run the USB 3.0 devices over the USB 2.0 cables, will I be able to get the USB 3.0 speeds or do I need to get the specific USB 3.0 cables – to get the maximum transfer speeds?

It's not the cost – you can get the cables cheap. It's just understanding how the end-to-end system works (and the "in case of emergency – break glass" effect).

Best Answer

USB 3.0 is electrically different from USB 2.0 - it has extra connectors/wires designed in such a way as to gracefully plugged into a USB 2.0 connector - they're located on the 'tongue' where there's nothing on a USB 2.0 connector

enter image description here

As such connecting a USB 3.0 port to a USB 2.0 extension to a USB 3.0 cable will result in usb 2.0 speed, since the extra connectors will not be connected to anything in the USB 2.0 extension cord on either end.