Excel will not sort all columns on the worksheet

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I have a very basic worksheet with multiple columns and rows. I usually will sort one column to sort a-z and normally all data for those rows would follow the sort. Suddenly I am finding that if I sort one column, the remaining columns do not sort, even though I choose the "Expand The Selection". I have also noticed that after sorting, the worksheet is split into one set of columns on the left side that did sort, another set of columns on the right did not follow the sort. It is split. I have about 45 columns and 150 rows so the worksheet is particularly large.

Completely befuddled.

Best Answer

I have found in some circumstances that the table simply needs to be resized.

Follow these steps and see if they help:

1) click anywhere within your table

2) click Design

3) at the far left of the ribbon, click Resize Table

4) fix the data range so that the entire table is within the range, i.e. if the range says, C1:E114, and the A and B columns through row 114 should be included in range, adjust the range to A1:E114.

Hope this helps when all else fails.

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