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I have a couple of drop down boxes on a form that are what I'd like to dub "perma-locked". Every person we've thrown at the form is unable to unlock the drop down.

The drop downs do not show a context menu when right clicked and when they're the active item, all menu bars turn grey. The drop downs cannot be dragged or resized. They have a very distinct layout in that that are completely fixed. If I make the cell that they are in bigger or smaller, they do not resize. There are no macros in the workbook and the workbook isn't protected.

Anybody have a clue how to get control of these?

Best Answer

I found the culprit! The item is a Combo Box (ActiveX Control). It can be manipulated when in Design View which can be accessed via:

In Office 2003 :: View -> ToolBars -> Control Toolbox -> Design Mode 
In Office 2007 :: Developer Tab -> Design Mode
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