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I want to transpose data in Excel. Normally, I cut the cells I need, and use paste special -> transpose. However, sometimes when I do paste special, a box comes up asking me if I want to use unicode text vs normal text.

How do I transpose this text? Is there a way to get past the unicode dialog box and get to the normal Paste special dialog box (that has the 'transpose' option)?

Or, is there another simple way to transpose cells?

transpose = flip rows and columns IE 1, 2, 3 becomes:


Best Answer

Alternatively, you can use Excel's Transpose function. For example:


Do not forget to drag select cells (for example C1 to E1) which will be the location where the results will be displayed. Then type the above function and press the CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER keys on the keyboard at the same time to enter the function as an array function. Then the formula will be viewed as


in the formula bar above the worksheet.