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I want to adjust the X axis of my scatter diagram according to my diagram points in MS-Excel 2010. I have seen in some guides that I can change it by editing the "Axis Labels" in "Select Data". As you can see in the picture below, this button is not activated for me. In the diagram I want to change the X axis labels to (0.8 1.0 1.3 1.5 1.7).

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It's irregular not to show normal axis labels, because it may cause a lack of comprehension in whoever is reading the chart. I know I would be distracted thinking, "Why did he choose to do that?" But people ask all kinds of questions.

So here is how you'd do what you want.

Add a column of data with all zeros. This will produce a series of data points along the horizontal axis.

Make your chart with all the data (below left).

Adjust your axis as desired (below right).

data and beginning of chart formatting

Hide the horizontal axis labels. Best way is to use custom number format of " " (single space surrounded by double quotes), so there will be room for the data labels without having to manually adjust the plot area size. (top left chart below).

Select the series along the axis, and add data labels. Excel adds Y value labels (all zero) above or left of the points. (top right chart below).

Format the data labels: Select the option to show Y values and deselect other options; select the "below" position; use a number format with one decimal digit. (bottom left chart below).

Delete the legend, and reformat the series along the X axis so it mimics an axis (medium gray line, cross markers using medium gray border and no fill). (bottom right chart below).

enter image description here

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