Excel : How to select cells with more than a number of characters

microsoft excel

Only search one column, then highlight all cells in that column with more than (a number) characters, so i change the data one by one?

Thank you.

Its phone number, thousands of them, many are typed incorrectly, at least 100, i try to find them directly without going through all of them

Best Answer

If you want to highlight cells which contain more than X characters, you can use Conditional formatting and function LEN().

For example: You want to highlight all cells in column A containing more than X characters.

  1. Select column A
  2. Click on Conditional formatting button -> New rule
  3. In dialog chose last option (something like custom formula)
  4. Fill formula =LEN(A1)>X (X is any integer larger than 0)
  5. Set format for highlighting

See Excel help for better understanding.

PS: I don't have English version of the Excel, so some names can be little different.

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