Excel – How to keep Excel line graph from incorporating dates that are not in the range

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I have created a line graph based on dates and the values associated with those dates. However, it is inserting dates into a graph which I do not want. The dates run in chronological order, I only want the graph to display weekday dates whereas the graph actually inserts the weekend dates which are not in my data. Can anybody help?

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Best Answer

You have two options if you don't like Excel's default assumption that you want your line chart to show "in between" dates where you have no specific data points.

Option 1 - show them as blanks

If you add the weekend dates into your data, but leave the values blank, your chart does this. This might be what you're looking for.

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Option 2 - skip the dates like they don't exist

Right-click the date axis. Select Text axis under Axis Type:. This will treat your dates as any other label - it could just as well be: "18/11/14","red","20/11/14","blue". It just treats it as text instead of a date, meaning your weekend dates aren't shown.

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