Excel – How to graph 3 different lines in the same graph with Excel

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I want to draw 3 line graphs on the same graph (to compare the data). They share the same x axis, and use the same data for the y axis but with different values. How can I do this? It's not working out well for me.

What I tried:

Highlight data from first line graph. Insert -> 2D line graph. Right click on graph, select data. From here on out it's just not making sense.

Best Answer

I made a three line comparison graph by selecting all of the data as a block i.e. the X axis and the three Y axis data points. I then used the same Insert > Line > 2D line.

The chart popped up as desired.

I don't know if it made a difference but I had the data arranged in columns with headings, i.e.

Column A - X axis
Column B - Data set 1
Column C - Data set 2
Column D - Data set 3