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I've the following data in an excel spreadsheet:

Date (dd/mm/yyyy)     Value
----------------- ---------
   01/04/2011        123.45
   03/04/2011       7234.25
   16/05/2011         80.00
   11/06/2011        223.36
   12/06/2011        455.97
   29/06/2011       2345.12

I want to insert a chart with Month in the X axis and Value in the Y axis (that is, value sumarized by month).

Can I do that with a scatter chart (or using any other excel feature) without adding auxiliary calc in other cells?

If I can't, how can get the chart described with auxiliary calcs?

Note: I'm using excel 2010

Best Answer

Use a Pivot Chart and add month/year grouping on the Date field and your summarization choice (sum, average, count, etc.) on the Value field.

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