Excel – Cell borders are incomplete on print preview

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Something super odd is happening with a spreadsheet I inherited from a colleague. I have borders all around numerical values, but not all of it shows up on print preview:

Screenshot of the print preview

Everything prints properly, though! I'm just really curious why it's doing that.

Also, there are grid lines that appear on a second page when printing.

Phantom grid lines here:
ScreenShot of phantom grid lines

I've tried clearing, deleting, etc., (which worked on some lines on the first page), but it refuses to go away. Is there a way to get rid of it?

Best Answer

this is what I do, and its settled my problem

  1. hightlight the missing line area
  2. right click --> format cells --> tab border
  3. then at border -- click text -- then the line will appear enter image description here enter image description here

there yo go.

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