Excel – Easiest way to open CSV with commas in Excel

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CSV files are automatically associated with Excel but when I open them, all the rows are basically in the first column, like this:

enter image description here

It's probably because when Excel thinks "comma-separated values", it actually searches for some other delimiter (I think it's semicolon but it's not important).

Now when I have already opened this file in Excel, is there a button or something to tell it "reopen this file and use comma as a delimiter"?

I know I can import the data into a new worksheet etc. but I'm asking specifically for a help with situation where I already have a CSV file with commas in it and I want to open it in Excel without creating new workbook or transforming the original file.

Best Answer

Go to the Data tab and select text to columns under data tools then select delimited and hit next. Then select comma as the delimiter and hit finish

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