Downloading Deeply Embedded Flash Videos


I have been trying to get a couple of videos from (previously Unfortunately standard video downloaders don't have much success on ninemsn pages (thats what is basically) they are too deeply embedded in the flash object.

I have experimented with all sorts of things so far nothing has worked. By looking under 'Page Info' (in Mozilla) on this site:, I was able to grab the swf link to an example video from the site.

If anyone has any advice I am really keen to hear it.

P.S I am not trying to pirate or do illegal things, I just find the videos don't always load correctly so downloading them would be preferable.

Best Answer

It's tricky, but I've found a way.

  1. View source, in Chrome/Chromium just put view-source: in front of the URL

  2. Find .m3u8 URL. Mine looked like:


  3. Remove all \u002F and replace with a forward slash /

  4. youtubedl the resulting URL. It saves as an m3u8 file but plays in mplayer (mediainfo tells me it's an .mp4 file - should be fine to rename)

It took me less than half that time to find the torrent.

Usually it's one of the first two - the first one will be an ad and will have \u002Fad\ in the url, the second should be it. I've found that a more up-to-date youtubedl (ubuntu vs. debian) changes the file to .mp4 automatically. Good hunting.