Does DVI to VGA monitor connection have the better display quality


I have a motherboard with a DVI port and a monitor with a VGA port.

I am currently using VGA to VGA cable.

If I change to DVI do I need a monitor with a DVI port
or will the DVI to VGA cable work better
or it will be the same as using only VGA?

Best Answer

Theoretically, DVI-DVI would be your best bet, using a DVI-VGA adapter is a step down but both are still better than just using VGA-VGA. Having said that, the money you would spend (if it's an issue) may not be worth the increase in quality, since the difference is noticeable but isn't that significant for most applications. If you're going to spend money on a new monitor, I'd go all out and get a video card and monitor that can handle HDMI. =)

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