Why does a SATA hard drive have jumpers

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Back in the days of PATA hard drives, a person used jumpers on the drive to indicate whether the drive was the master or the slave of the channel, or to let the cable select which drive was which.

SATA drives are one-per-channel, one-per-cable, etc.

What are the jumpers for on SATA hard drives?

Best Answer

Some SATA drivers have jumpers for extra features, or for troubleshooting.

Example from the manual of a Western Digital SATA disk:

Set the Jumpers

The default setting for WD SATA hard drives varies depending on the model. To determine the default setting for your drive, look at the drive label on the top of the drive.

DO NOT change the default setting if you intend to use the drive in a desktop computer.

Change the jumper settings ONLY if you intend to use the drive in an enterprise storage environment. For more information on these advanced settings, obtain the full version WD SATA Installation Guide at support.wdc.com.

SSC_DIS Mode (Default) — Enable or disable the spread spectrum clocking feature. Default setting is disabled.

OPT1 — Only for factory use.

OPT2 — Only for factory use.