Firefox – How to Disable Two-Finger Swipe on Mac


When I scroll along the page or some scrollbox with two fingers on MacBook Pro touchpad, and it can be no longer scrolled to the left, Firefox decides I want to go back in history.

What can I do to disable history navigation using two-finger swipe in Firefox 17? I'm happy with using Backspace for going backwards, and wiping out all the text I was writing somewhere in some forms when I accidentally scroll more than I'm allowed is really frustrating.

Best Answer

I like the following solution better (than the existing answer) because it only affects Firefox:

  1. In Firefox, go to "about:config"
  2. Change the value for "browser.gesture.swipe.left" to "cmd_scrollLeft" (instead of "Browser:BackOrBackDuplicate")
  3. Change the value for "browser.gesture.swipe.right" to "cmd_scrollRight" (instead of "Browser:ForwardOrForwardDuplicate")

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