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My current Geforce 8800 is starting to show some weird behavior at times and I'm tempted to buy a new card. But what's the roadmap of ATI and NVidia? When are they planning to launch new videocards that are compatible with DirectX 11. I haven't heard much about them.

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ATI Demonstrates “The Future” DirectX 11 Graphics Cards at Quakecon

AMD has been working hard to support DirectX 11, so there are plans to make native DirectX 11 hardware from AMD in its ATI Radeon GPUs available when Windows 7 is released”.

AMD Set to Release DirectX 11 Graphics Card

The release of AMD's first DirectX 11 graphics card would coincide with the launch of Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7, [AMD spokesman John Taylor]. The DirectX 11 graphics card will belong to the ATI Radeon line

The graphics card maker has been demonstrating an ATI Radeon graphics card with DirectX 11 support since June, but has not made a specific product announcement yet.

Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7 has built-in support for new DirectX 11 tools, but there is no hardware available yet that supports those tools. With the new card, AMD will beat rival Nvidia to market. Nvidia has also said it would support DirectX 11, but has not yet made a product announcement. Intel, which mostly offers integrated graphics on chipsets, in June released updated graphics drivers for Windows 7, but offered support for only DirectX 10.

Update: Active Slashdot discussion AMD Previews DirectX 11 Gaming Performance

Update2: ATI Radeon HD 5870 & HD 5850 are about to hit the market shortly.
Here is a reference table of the DirectX 11 Radeon series and its street-markers (release dates) compared with the nVidia GTX 285 (the posting is in German but the table is readable).
Here is another posting in English...

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