Different language syntax highlighting within same file

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I'm trying to get simple syntax highlighting working within a file. Here's the setup.

I have an index.php file, which Notepad++ correctly highlights any PHP code between the <? and ?> tags. Inside of this file, I have some Javascript, which is properly recognized between the <script type="text/javascript"> and </script> tags.

However, I have some CSS that is not being properly highlighted. I've noticed this with all of the "themes" I've tried with Notepad++. The code is surrounded by <style type="text/css"> and </style> yet is not being understood as CSS properly.

Any ideas?

Note: Notepad++ does properly highlight individual .css files.

Best Answer

I use a program called phpDesigner that highlights PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript all separately in the same document. It does code completion for each part, even if you do style="fon...".

I had to move to it since I couldn't find any other program that was so good when working with PHP (and all the other languages it uses at the same time), including Notepad++. The one thing I wish it did was syntax highlight SQL strings within PHP (it does fine with just SQL), but maybe in a future version.