Dell XPS 15 fan on, fan off, fan on, fan off because of NVIDIA Drivers


Many threads with exactly the same problem:

No solution.

It's annoying how careless Dell is about this matter but basically my Dell XPS 15 turns fan on and off in 1 second, forever. Support says that Nvidia drivers are checking for temperature and therefore they have to enable a fan for a split of a second.

What I did so far:

  • Updated BIOS
  • Updated all Nvidia Drivers
  • Updated all Intel Drivers
  • Installed many Nvidia utilities

Nothing helped. Does anyone occur to know why a laptop may be turning its fan on and off all the time?

Best Answer

I had this problem for ages. I looked online and finally found ONE post that made a suggestion that actually worked.

The solution to the on/off/on/off problem is to go to the "Power Options" and select the "Power saver" radio button option. You can then change the internal contents of the "Power saver" options to whatever you wish, but it must be selected.

I don't know why it makes a difference; it may be the combination of several items... may be the option itself. In either case, My fan turns on VERY infrequently now even when watching a movie. I suggest you set the option to "Power saver" and see test things out. From then, you can tweak your heart's content.

Hope this helps.