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Faced a strange situation at work today. We have people sitting at a table on opposite sides, with power cables underneath the table. This morning when the person sitting opposite to me banged his feet on ground, it disturbed the power cable to my PC and it turned-off. So when I turned it on, it says, "No boot device found" Press F1 to setup or F5 to perform test…

There was no physical impact/crash/fall of the desktop cabinet, which could have crashed/damaged the hard disk physically.

EDIT: The OS is Windows 7

So I tried to recognize it in the Bios setup, but even there it could not find the SATA disk that is connected to this machine.

So then I opened the cabinet, removed the power supply and plugged it back again.
Tried to reboot, same error, "Boot device not found"
It is not recognizing the hard disk.

Any ideas about what might be wrong? Hard-disk crash, OS Crash(But it doesn't even go to the point of loading the disk after the initial Bios execution, so doubt this…)

Any pointers about how I should proceed to troubleshoot/solve this error are welcome.

Best Answer

What i would do is this:

  • Listen if the HD starts to spin.
  • Check if every cable is connected (If it starts to spin the power supply is working).
  • If both is true try another cable and/or SATA/IDE Port
  • Put the drive into another machine if it still does not boot it will probably have some damage (Try to rescue it with fixboot, fixmbr and/or fdisk /mbr).
  • Try to rescue data with the other machine, if the drive gets recognized and spins (I would do this in any case. If the drive gets recognized save your data. It may be possible that this is the last time the drive comes to life.).

An i would fix the way of the cable layout below the table in a way this can not happen again in the future.