Defrag/TRIM settings for hybrid hard drive

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I recently acquired a Momentus XT hybrid hard drive. This is a traditional spinning HDD with a small SSD portion for frequently used files.

I know that normally you are not supposed to defrag SSDs, as it does not help performance and can significantly reduce the life of the drive. But you do need to defrag an HDD to keep good performance. So where does that leave us for hybrid drives? Do I need to turn off defragging in Windows to preserve the SSD portion? Is the on-disk controller smart enough to handle defragging correctly? Is there some utility I need to set it up that I missed?

Additionally, for SSDs you normally want to check for and enable TRIM support… but this makes no sense for a HDDs. Where does that leave us for hybrid drives? Should I try to enable TRIM or not?

Best Answer

From Seagates's FAQ:

Turn off Windows automatic defrag.
Like SSDs, Momentus XT works best without frequent defrag.
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