D-Link 323 NAS built-in BitTorrent Client doesn’t work


I have a D-Link DNS-323 that comes with a built-in BitTorrent client.

I installed it and set it up as described in the manual.

However the client doesn't work at all. I use it according to the manual and:

  • If I add a torrent by URL, absolutely nothing happens. The interface just keeps saying "0 Torrents to download"

  • If I save the .torrent file and then use that file to start the download process, it recognizes the file but never downloads a single bit, and stays at 0% forever until I delete it.

Does anyone know what the trick is to get it to work?

I know that there are several sites out there that have ways to hack the 323 and get custom bittorrent clients on it, but I just want to keep it simple and get the included software to work.

Edited to add: Other computers connected to the same network can use BitTorrent clients without any issue.

Best Answer

Based on both of the points you said, I believe The following:

For the second point only:

Many NAS Devices with built in BitTorrent Clients work, but, are not very good. It is possible that it does not support DHT and the tracker you are connecting to is either offline or the file does not have any peers.

Your NAS either does not support UPnP, or you have UPnP disabled on your router, or you have not set up your firewall ports correctly.

The trackers you are connecting to are private and/or have some kind of status that they are returning but your client is not showing the message (e.g. wait time).

However when I also consider the first point combined with the second:

I believe that your NAS does not have an active internet connection. If you do not have DHCP active on it, make sure it's gateway and DNS are set correctly.

This would explain why it can not download/access .Torrent files via URL but you can put them there from your LAN, however, they do not progress at all.

I think I have covered all the possible reasons, I believe the last paragraph is the real reason, but, unless your NAS has a command prompt or any way to ping a site, I am not sure how you can test.

All this being said, if you turn your machine(s) off at night and just want the NAS to be a low powered Torrent client, fair enough - however, I have to say that a full torrent client such as Utorrent will give you a much better experience.

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