Copy large movie from digital camera (Canon) to PC


I have a Canon Digital Ixus 990IS. The PC (running Windows XP SP2) sees the camera fine. I can copy images and movies.

However a large movie (900mb) fails with no message. This MS KB article describes the problem in detail. I face "Symptom #2" (as they call it).

The proposed solution is:

You can connect the camera by using
USB Mass Storage Class (MSC) instead
of PTP. Then, transfer large files by
using Windows Explorer.

How do I do this? Any other workarounds?

Best Answer

I believe the Canon Ixus 990IS defaults to PTP mode (At least my Ixus 970IS seems to). There doesn't appear to be a way to change this either.

It may be worth using a card reader to transfer the files, if you have access to one.

You might also find a more informed answer on one of the sister sites dedicated to photography, such as photography.angle

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