Google-chrome – Chrome: Ctrl-K for Google Search, and Ctrl-L for I’m Feeling Lucky


Is there any way to make the CtrlK shortcut in Chrome actually do a regular Google search (with the results shown), while still letting the CtrlL shortcut do an I'm Feeling Lucky search?

I can't figure out how to make them use different default search engines.

(I'm not looking for a way to assign a keyword to a search engine; I need to change the default behavior.)

Best Answer

You cannot change the shortcut keys in Google Chrome unless you install an extension. However, you can add a new search engine in Chrome's Omnibox (address bar) by going to

Go to Options > Basic > Default Search > Manage..

Add search engine

Add in a new search engine and call it I'm feeling lucky. Use a suitable shortcut key such as l. Use the following URL:

Type in search engine name, shortcut and URL

Now go to our address bar by pressing Ctrl + L, type l + Space followed by your search term and hit Enter

I'm Feeling Lucky now available as a search engine

Chrome will bring you to the first result

Result of I'm Feeling Lucky

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