Centos – Changing desktop environment from Gnome to KDE in CentOS


I have installed my CentOS machine with the GNOME desktop environment. I would like to change it to KDE. I am already in the process of downloading and installing KDE packages, will that conflict with GNOME?

  1. Can I keep both desktop environments and choose what I want to use?
  2. How can I remove the GNOME packages and not disturb my current configuration in anyway?

I am a new user and hence would like to encounter as little complications as possible, please advise.

Best Answer

KDE (K Desktop Environment) is an alternative GUI for Gnome, some people prefer KDE over Gnome for some reason since they are basically similar. To install KDE on Centos, use this command on your system terminal:

# yum groupinstall "KDE desktop"

From http://namhuy.net/475/how-to-install-gui-to-centos-minimal.html