Windows – Capture region of website/etc. to clipboard as image

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I often need to capture a fixed portion of my screen (typically in Chrome) to the clipboard, for posting as a background in a PowerPoint slide.


Where can I find an extension for Chrome or an app for Windows 7 that can accomplish the desired (below)?


  1. Select a region for storage in the clipboard.


But because I cannot do that, I need to:

  1. Capture my screen via 3rd party software.
  2. Save the captured region as a file.
  3. Paste in the image.
  4. Crop the image.
  5. Clipboard the resulting image.

Best Answer

You can use extension from Chrome Web Store, like this one:

Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate

Using this tool, you can capture

  • visible part of page
  • selected area
  • entire page
  • local image
  • desktop (premium feature)

If you need to take screenshot of other applications, you can use Snipping Tool.

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