Windows – Why can’t I change Window 10 registry key

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I want to change a Windows 7 Registry key in

– Hidden

I ran regedit as administrator. But when I was trying to modify that key, it doesn't allow me to change and reports error as

Cannot edit: error writing the value's new contents

So why can't I change the registry key even in administrator mode? How to solve this problem in Windows 10?

Best Answer

Interesting. I'm on Windows 10 Pro x64 and I can edit the value.

Right click on Advanced and choose "Permissions".

Click your user name and make sure you have full permissions:

If you don't, try allowing yourself full control (if the boxes are available).

If they're greyed out like in my screenshot, but you don't have full access, you can try to take ownership of the object by clicking Advanced

Then next to Owner click Change:

Type your username into the box and then press Check Names. Press Okay, then before you press Okay again make sure the following is selected: