Can’t Format USB Disk After Making it Bootable for Linux – Solution

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Few days ago, I wanted to install CentOS 7 on my computer, without passing through a VM.

I downloaded Win32diskmanager to make a bootable disk with an installer for CentOS from an ISO I downloaded on their repo. It was working fine, until a moment where the process failed, no message, nothing.

Until then, my USB hard drive is not visible in Windows. Well, not really because I can see it in the Disk Manager. I see my HD, it is "Online", but when I try to format it, a message tell me that the HD is offline and I can't to that. I tried to understand why through "diskpart" on cmd, and I was that that was the partition that was offline.

Now, I don't really know what to do. Does someone have any idea about what I should look to, what I should try ?

Thank you !

Best Answer

First try to delete the entire Harddrive (all sectors including MBR - not just inside the partitions?) so the "volume" itself has to be reinitialized by windows.

One option to do that would be to used 3rd party sorftware, e.g. Rufus, currently Version 3.1:

Selected the following and start the program:

  • "Non bootable key"
  • "MBR"
  • "NTFS"
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