Windows – Cannot Connect to internet in windows 7 (No Internet Connection)

windows 7

I have an airport express and Win 7 pro. My router is a Trendnet TEW-423PI G. The problem is everytime i try to connect it says it is unsuccessful and can't find ip address. I have tried everything. WPA2, WPA, WEP, Messing with the registry, Manually Inputting the ip address, Reinstalling drivers. I have two Macs that connect perfectly and are both running Snow Leopard that is why I am able to post this. What Should I do. I'm Going Crazy

Best Answer

Have you double checked on the router if it has any security such as MAC filtering?

After this, I would double check that you have selected the right Encryption type (TKIP/AES).

Lastly, double check DHCP settings / as you said you did manual, make sure that the settings are correct.

I have seen your issue a few times when either one of the three above problems exist.. If you still have the problem, please say

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