Windows – Can you match a Windows XP product key to a service pack release

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I have a Windows XP product key on my PC, but I'm not sure which release of Windows XP it belongs to SP1, SP2, or SP3.

Is there a way I can tell without trying each one?

In this case, I have an old PC which had an OEM XP Pro license. I don't have the media for it any more. However, I do have a media for XP Pro (off the shelf non-OEM).

The Product Key on the case doesn't want to validate. So I'm presuming that there is something encoded in it as to the release it works with. I can get media, I just don't want to try each one.

Best Answer

Service packs do not affect activation. You should always install the latest service pack, and your key will work with it as long as it is a legal key. The only service pack supported for Windows XP currently is SP3, so use that. As long as your key is legit, it will work.