Cannot Watch YouTube Videos on Chrome – How to Fix Playback Issues

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I used to be able to watch YouTube videos with no problems, but at some point in the last several weeks, something went wrong. Whenever I try to watch a video, it says

This video is unavailable with the Education Filter enabled. To view this video, the site network administrator will need to add it to a playlist

The network does not have an Education Filter (all other computers at home & work can view YouTube videos fine), videos work fine on Ubuntu, and even weirder, they work fine on Internet Explorer!

I have the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player and the most recent version of Chrome. Can someone show me how to fix this?

Best Answer

Just to elaborate on Michel's answer, if you want to delete cookies just for youtube in chrome: Go to Settings > Show advanced settings > Contents settings > All cookies and site data > then search for "youtube" and individually delete all the cookies that show up in the search.enter image description here

If that doesn't work, as Michel said, try uninstalling and reinstalling chrome

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