Bright 2×2 pixel spot on laptop display


I have a Samsung NP550P5C laptop with a problem on the display I've never seen before: it has a 2×2 pixel area that is considerably brighter than the rest of the screen area. Here's a closeup:

closeup of bright spot

The pixels work otherwise fine and are not stuck at white. If I adjust screen brightness, the spot gets brighter too. If the spot is on a dark area it's completely unnoticeable. It's a LED backlit panel – are the LEDs really that small?

What could cause this problem and is there some way to fix it? The laptop is still in warranty but I know they will just give me a new one in exchange and that means more hassle with the software installations and all than I'm ready to go through for such a small, albeit annoying problem.

Edit: I did the suggested test with the Chrome extension, here's what the bright area looks like on other colors.

bright pixels on red, green, blue, black

Best Answer

Here's a few things you can try:

  1. Try tapping the screen (gently) where you see the dead pixels.
  2. This Chrome extension can help verify whether you're dealing with dead/stuck pixels.
  3. Jscreen Fix can sometimes re-energize stuck pixels, as well as remove burn-in from LCD and plasma screens.
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