Backup recovery drives Windows 7 64-bit (Toshiba and Acer)


I have Toshiba Satellite and Acer Aspire laptops. I back up data on regular basis and also have recovery discs for these machines. I don't rely on optical recovery media much because in my experience, they give error when you want them to work.

I would like to copy the recovery partitions AS IT IS on external HDDs so that in case of drive failure, I can restore the machine to factory condition from the external HDD (in case optical media fails) using Ubuntu Live or something similar. These partitions are not visible through windows explorer.

I am not good at command-line interface so GUI based programs are welcome. Searching through the forum led me to Drive Snapshot, seems to be a good piece of software. The goal is
– Back up partition as it is on external HDD
– When in need it should be available without much hassle to copy on a new HDD.

Best Answer

I would say

Acronis True Image / plenty of choices good software

Norton Ghost / very good piece of software, price is higher

If you want something free, there is a

Clonezilla / special distribution of linux with simple gui-like interface

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