Allow two subnets to talk to each other over a wireless bridge


I have two subnets connected over a wireless bridge and I'm trying to figure out how to get them to talk to each other.

Subnet 1

  • Router: Netgear wireless
  • Router IP:
  • DHCP range: –
  • Subnet mask:
  • Internet: Connected directly to cable modem

Subnet 2

  • Router: Linksys running dd-wrt
  • Router IP:
  • DHCP range: –
  • Internet: Connected to the Netgear router via a wireless bridge
  • WAN IP:

When I'm on Subnet 1, I can't connect to anything on Subnet 2 (even the wireless bridge IP of

When I'm on Subnet 2, I can connect to everything on 192.168.2.* as well as the Subnet 1 router on But I can't connect to any other machines on Subnet 1.

The physical limitations of my house make the wireless bridge a requirement. I don't think making a wired connection between the two subnets is an option.

How can I set things up so machines on both subnets can communicate with each other and still get to the Internet?

Best Answer

Your setup is not a wireless bridge, just a way of using the wireless medium to carry a network connection to another router, the second "router" should be setup as a bridge to pass-thru all network traffic, making this all one subnet with one router handling all DHCP and routing functions for the entire LAN. This is called a Client-Bridge configuration and is a common DD-WRT application.

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